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1965 Oldsmobile Delta 88
1965 Oldsmobile Delta 88 - Has a 550ci engine
with 33,100 miles on it.
I am the second owner,
the first owner bought it new and never really used it
other then to drive to his cabbin during the winter.
The car runs amazingly.
Just recently replaced distributor chords and starter pins.
Yes it is fireing pin not electric but still has turn key
Original paint job as you can tell.
Original interior with 1 gash on the back seat
that is easily repairable.
Original everything still with Delta 88 symbol on it.
There are only 2 rust spots under both door panels
where the door meets the car.
I have only put about 200-300 miles on it since I
got it in september of 2005.
I am trying to sell this car because I dont have the
money to fill the tank a lot,
and I would like to have a car where I can
install things and change it around
where as I cant with this car because
that would be a CRIME!
My asking price for this car is $13,000.
This is an all time great car
couldn't find a better one of this model
in the whole internet!
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