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1968 Chevy Impala Custom 2DR HT
1968 Chevy Impala Custom - 2DR HT Project
Front end damage.
Just about everything is original including
the 307 motor (roughly 130,000 miles)
and the PowerGlide transmission which was rebuilt
around 2006 (maybe 3,000 miles on it).
Accident did not damage motor or transmission.
The front fender needs to be replaced along with
the wheel well, front bumper, grill, headlight bezel, etc.
Basically all the front end parts on driver side.
Also there is a gap between the passenger door and the
fender which tells me that the frame is slightly bent.
Probably could get away with straightening it or
welding new frame horns onto the front end.
The interior is all original but needs some touch ups
here and there.
For example it needs new carpet,
arm rest on passenger side,
passenger window keeps coming off track and
some dashboard stuff needs attention like the air switches
and the gear indicator.
Very minor things that would cost a couple hundred bucks.
Also back window needs to be resealed and
weatherstripping needs to be put on the car.
The front rim cracked and another scraped the curb
but the tires are brand new.
A lot of new parts such as SBCC disc brakes on front
which cost $1,000,
new Holley 2-barrel, HEI distributor,
shocks, ball joints,
bushings in lower and upper control arms.
Thousands of dollars worth of stuff basically.
I have lots of receipts and also have all
the original paper work such as bill of sale and
window sticker from 1968.
I have invested about $18,000 plus into the car
but after getting into an accident,
I'm ready to cut my losses and move on.
I don't feel like investing another $5,000-$6,000 into it.
I'm trying to buy a house and I don't have the extra cash
to put into the car.
Otherwise I would fix it and keep the car forever.
Just finished the car and was driving it for 6 months
and then got into an accident.
This car got so many looks and thumbs ups,
its not funny.
However the time has come to part with it and move on.
I would like to get $3,400 for the car or
I would consider trading for a 2000 (and up) 4-door Honda
Accord or something close to that.
Whoever gets this car and fixes the front end is gonna
be one lucky person,
because I had to invest so much money to have
this car.
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