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2000 Ferrari 360 Modena
2000 Ferrari 360 Modena
Step into a Ferrari's line of sight and you are
immediately captivated by the elegance and meticulous
craftsmanship put forth into building these vehicles.
The 360 Modena, pronounced Mod-en-ay, is an incredible
driving machine.
The name "Modena" originates from the birthplace
of Enzo Ferrari, the founder of the Ferrari line.
We dare you to find a flaw in this vehicle's paint, glass,
or bodywork.
The highest level of effort has been put forth into
taking proper care of this vehicle.
The paint, Rosso Corsa, almost looks as if it is going faster
than the car, and that's when it is sitting still.
The interior is impeccable as well.
The tan leather seats and leather wrapped dash are
evenly colored throughout.
Everything about the interior is held together with quality.
Nothing creaks or shakes when pressure is applied
or a door is shut.
When you open, press, close, or slide anything on this vehicle,
it always provides a pleasing feel and sound.
Compare closing a door with plastic panels to closing a
metal bank vault.
Many people believe these cars are too small for
the average sized person.
This is not the case however,
the Modena will sit a 6 foot tall person comfortably
with room to spare, and you still will have to move
the seat up to reach the pedals.
The Modena was designed with the everyday driver in mind.
The interior is not intimidating with a thousand glowing
buttons that dramatically change the car with one push.
It is actually not much different that an average car aside
from the quality.
A multi disc CD player, radio, power seats, climate control,
and many other everyday accessories are included
with this vehicle.
Many other Ferrari models are bare bone high powered
racing machines and do not include the comforts listed above.
However, do not let the previous statements fool you into
thinking this beauty has no beast.
The flip of a switch will put the car into "Sport" mode,
altering many variables.
Suspension tightens, more power is produced,
and your grin gets bigger.
Traction control is also available to be on or off at the touch
of a button for those moments when you want to let the
back end come out around your favorite tight apex turn.
Under the hood, is storage space?
And a good deal of it, you can easily fit the velvet Ferrari cover,
a briefcase, and a few travel bags in the compartment
if needed.
Under the back hatch however, is where you learn
what a Ferrari has to offer.
The 360 Modena is the first of the 360 models.
The 3.6 Liter V8 will rev up to 8500 RPMs and produce 400 BHP.
Zero to 60 MPH is achieved in 4.3 seconds.
That means this car will literally be going a mile a minute
by the time you finish reading this sentence.
Go ahead, try and read it again, the car is still going to beat you.
The 360 is also equiped with an electro hydraulic manual
gear box.
In English, that means that the gear changes are selected
by two paddles behind the sides of the steering wheel.
Pull the paddle on the right towards you, and the gear
changes up. Pull the paddle on the left towards you,
and the gear changes down. Ridiculous you say?
This style of gear box has been used in the F1 formula cars
for quite some time.
The gear changes are virtually instantaneous at
150 milliseconds and also provide you with the ability to keep
your eyes on the road at all times.
The car has been taken care of better than most people
take care of themselves;
all documents are accounted for along with maintenance records,
all the way down to tightening a couple lug nuts.
If you have always wanted one of the finest driving machines
available on earth, this is your chance to do so.
With a sticker price around $160,000 we're bringing this car
to you with only 7,000 miles and a price tag that makes
you think harder than usual.
Come on, you know you want one.
Located In Charlotte, NC USA
Price: $94,995
Information Call 678-279-1609 or
Toll Free 877-367-1835.
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