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March 06, 2010

Miniature Cars and Scale Modeling

Sometimes collecting vintage and collectible cars can get out of hand, sometimes it is addicting. Over the years I have bought a lot of interesting cars and still have many of them. Fortunately, I have managed to find places to keep them. Occasionally I wish my collection was more manageable and required less space. One way to manage a large collection with limited space is with scale models.

A few weeks ago, while doing some  Internet research, I was sent two very interesting web sites.

Michael Paul Smith


I asked several friends to identify where and when this photo was taken. Most thought the Plymouth Fury, parked in front of the OK used car lot, was taken some time during 1961-62 at the Chevrolet dealer in West Baltimore. When you visit Michael Smith’s  Flickr pages at:

You will discover the photos are of model cars and amazing models of buildings photographed with real backgrounds. Mr. Smith is very talented in both model building and photography. The buildings are created from memories of his home town. There are 91 photos, some of them giving clues to the photographic techniques.  Checkout his web postings and enjoy.

The second web discovery involves miniatures of vehicles designed by their creator. Their construction requires a high degree of metal working skills and lots of creativity.

Sandy’s Can Cars


Starting with aluminum beverage cans, Sandy creates some pretty interesting models. The web site shows several different models, a little biography on Sandy and even has plans available so you can try to make you own creations. Checkout Sandy’s can cars at:

I hope you visit these fascinating web sites and then come back with your comments. If you know of other web sites that would interest our visitors, please let us know.