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February 17, 2010

“Does Chrysler have a future?” Thanks for your many comments!

Since I wrote my article on the future of Chrysler, we have received dozens of interesting comments. Some were harsh, some were funny, others were insightful. One such comment was from the President of the Chrysler Owners Club in Queensland Australia. Graham had some interesting observations.

There was another response about the excessive dealer markups on the new Challenger, some as high as $15,000. Ford had a similar problem with the retro T-bird which kept sales low and ultimately caused an early demise of another interesting car. The new Challenger is a well done retro. Let’s hope and pray that production and sales continue. A convertible would sure be nice.


I hope the many visitors enjoyed the postings and of course you are welcome and encouraged to make further comments. Thanks for your participation.

In the weeks ahead I am planning posts on GM and Pontiac plus an article and photo gallery about Howard “Dutch” Darrin and his Henry J based sports car. I hope you come back again.

November 16, 2009

Does Chrysler have a future?

The Chrysler Corporation has a wonderful and interesting history. It started with Walter P. Chrysler and the Maxwell Motors re-organization in 1925. Through the years Chrysler has offered many engineering and design features that were leading the auto industry. The first Chrysler automobile had both oil and air filters plus a pressurized lubrication system. Later models introduced four wheel hydraulic brakes and rubber engine mounts. In the mid-1930’s Chrysler built the Airflow, the first auto maker to consider aerodynamics and an all steel unibody type construction. The 1950’s brought us the first Hemi engine and the Virgil Exner “Forward Look”. We also could buy the first “Muscle Car”, the 1955 Chrysler 300. The 1960’s found Chrysler experimenting with Turbine power and building High Performance cars with 426 Hemi engines. The 1970’s brought us the Challenger and ‘Cuda. The 80’s had Shelby Daytona’s and GLHS’s, the 90’s introduced a V-10 Viper. So many exciting “American Dream Cars”, but what will the future bring?

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