September 26, 2009

What’s New at American Dream Cars

Welcome to the first post of the American Dream Cars collector car blog.  We plan to write about topics effecting the collector car hobby, the American auto industry, and news about the American Dream Cars website.  With all the things that have happened to the American auto industry in the last year we should have lots to write about.

The American Dream Cars website has had an upgrade or maybe we should call it a resto-mod restoration.  This blog is part of it.  We have also made it easier to submit your car ads, update your car ads, and  delete your car ads right from the home page.  In addition we have added a new section that has photos of some of the nice looking and interesting collector cars that have been advertised and sold on our site over the years.  We call it Collector Car Photos and you can see it by Clicking Here. There is also a link to this new section from the American Dream Cars Home Page.

Last but certainly not least you are probably wondering what this 10th Anniversary stuff is all about.  Well, September 2009 is the 10th anniversary of when we first started showing web banner ads on American Dream Cars.  We thought that the money we made would at least pay the server bill.  It has done that and a lot more.  American Dream Cars is averaging over half a million visits a month these days.  Let us know what you think about the changes we have made and our new features by commenting on this post.  Commenting is easy to do and we look forward to hearing from you.

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